Namecheap Review: Things You Need To Know Before Purchasing

You can learn everything there is to know about this low-priced hosting company and the services it provides in this Namecheap review. In order for you to know what to expect, I’ll discuss plans and costs, performance, security, and many other features I found.

Namecheap Pricing And Options

Check out Namecheap’s array of package options. And there are a lot of options. Namecheap has something for everyone, whether you are starting out on a website and looking for something simple for personal use or you are a business looking to build a high-traffic website you can rely on.

Namecheap Shared Hosting Price

Namecheap Shared Hosting

Regarding Namecheap’s shared hosting plans, we have very positive feelings. As implied by their name, they are in fact inexpensive and provide much more than other inexpensive shared hosting plans, as was already mentioned.


Even though this is Namecheap’s basic plan, you still get a lot. Three websites are included: a 20 GB SSD, a free domain name (for the first year), and a free CDN. This package costs $2.18 per month when paid for yearly.

Stellar Plus

Unlimited SSD, free websites, auto-backup, a free domain name, a free CDN, and other features are included in this package. This will cost you $2.98/month if billed yearly.

Stellar Business

This might be ideal for those looking to launch a small website for their company. 50 GB SSD, countless websites, auto-backup, cloud storage, a free domain name, a free CDN, and more are included. The starting price for this when billed annually is $4.80 per month.

Does Namecheap Have A Good Performance?

The performance of this host is not its strongest suit, according to what I’ve read. I have conducted numerous performance-oriented tests on this provider to gauge its dependability, speed, and capacity for handling the traffic in order to put that to the test. Sadly, it appears that the provider is unstable, the uptime is not very consistent, the speed is average, and the stress test was successfully completed.

Namecheap’s Response Time And Uptime

I must admit that I only kept an eye on it for about two weeks for this Namecheap hosting review. The website experienced 16 outages during that time, resulting in 31 minutes of downtime. Namecheap’s uptime now stands at a record-low 99.82%.

Features & Benefits

All users, from newbies to experts, can benefit from Namecheap’s great features and advantages. Let’s look at a few of the great features I discovered while doing the research for this professional review.

1. Global Presence

With nearly thirteen million domain names registered globally, Namecheap is based in Los Angeles and currently manages one million users across 18 different countries.

2. Security

In-house security measures are extensive at Namecheap, and the company uses the most cutting-edge hardware and software firewalls. Included are SSL Certificates, Whois Domain Privacy Protection, Leech Protect, CodeGuard, Virus scanners, Hotlink prevention, and SSL scanners. You are able to set a 2-hour login limit with Leech Protect. Services for backup, monitoring, and restoration are offered by CodeGuard. To protect you from spammers and hackers, WhoisGuard conceals your name, address, email, and phone number.

Additionally, you have the choice of using two-factor authentication, or a VPN, for your own privacy, and browsing security. To protect your account, you can use the TOTP – Time-based One-Time Password feature, which enables you to use one-time passwords generated by a program like Google Authenticator. Moreover, Namecheap provides PremiumDNS. With the help of this feature, your domain is moved to a Premium DNS platform with 100% DNS uptime and DNS-level DDoS protection. It features DNSSEC security technology (DNS Security Extensions). Additionally, this supplier provides free backups.

3. Regular Backups

Backups are offered twice a week for some of the plans (like the Stellar plan), but this is not a guarantee. Daily automatic backups are included with some other plans (like Stellar Plus and Stellar Business). For these plans, you have a choice of six days, three weekly, or eleven monthly backups.

4. Email

Three email hosting plans are available from Namecheap, which provides a professional email hosting service. With the help of these business emails, you can control your email flow like a pro and combine all of your personal and work email accounts into a single inbox. Additionally, each plan at Namecheap comes with a one-month free trial.

Professional Business Email Price List - Namecheap

5. Website Builder

For cPanel hosting, Namecheap’s Website Builder is a drag-and-drop website builder. Without installing any special software or knowing any code, it is simple to create an entire website. The E-commerce tools will assist you in setting up a payment processor, adding a store, and shopping cart.

Customer Support

Namecheap provides live chat and ticketing for customer support. Additionally, they have a sizable help center where you can look through their blog, knowledge base, and numerous guides and videos.

Customer Support - Namecheap

Additionally, I enjoy testing out live chats to see how well they work.

The customer support agent was helpful and responsive when I had questions about their shared hosting plans and site migrations.

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