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What’s up, Andy here? And today, I’m going to review hostinger for you guys, which is a popular web hosting service. Now, first, let’s talk about web hosting. So whenever you build a website, it has to live somewhere right now. I know the internet sometimes can seem like a kind of ether where everything just magically exists. But in reality, everything has to exist and live somewhere. So all websites are built on hosting platforms. These platforms provide the infrastructure for the website to live, like the physical servers that maintain and store all the information and structure of your website. It provides a place for your website to live and the best web hosting service will help your site run. Well, which will in turn improve site performance and SEO. So, what about hostinger?


Well, for a bit of background hostinger was founded in, Lithuania, in 2004. And since then it became a massive platform with more than twenty-nine million, users in 178 countries. And it offers some great features and lightning-fast speed for some of the best prices on the market, which is awesome. So, let’s break it down a bit, go over it, and look at their overall capabilities. And then I’ll talk about their different plans and how I think it Stacks up against the competition.


All right. So first, what does hostinger offer? Exactly.

Well, they will host your site and help your site run fast. And, I mean, hostinger offers incredibly fast load times, which is one of the essential features of hosting a site, and hostinger is constantly ranked as one of the, fastest web hosts out there with an average load speed of 143 Milliseconds. Plus, they have six data centers across the world, so they have great coverage for sites, no matter where their target audience is, and hostinger also provides their cache manager, which can make your site run even faster.

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Now, in addition to hostinger site hostinger, also offers some great features, for example, they provide a free domain, and Normally, your domain name is a separate fee, so having that wrapped up in your plan for free is fantastic. Plus, with hostinger when you have just one account their Premium plan offers unlimited websites, so you can build as many sites as you want. You’ll also get unlimited bandwidth as well as unlimited emails, which is normally an additional cost, but all that wrapped up together and you’ll also get free SSL which provides encryption connection to your Site for users, and makes your site look legitimate for browsers, which is essential.

So, hostinger has all the basics to help you build a successful website and Beyond the basics, hostinger has a bunch of other pretty cool features. For example, another thing that I like about hosting her is that they have a 99.9% uptime guarantee. Now, this means that sites using hostinger will rarely experience any downtime. Which is important for sales and Google rankings. And hosting also offers to get support which items can be a bit complicated to explain. But basically, it makes problem-solving a lot easier if you were to hire developers to create your site, plus hosting here is optimized for WordPress, which is one of the best and most popular Site Builders on the internet. And on top of that, I also really like that hostinger custom dashboard.

It’s clean. Super intuitive and easy to use. It’s kind of soothing. So from a customer service standpoint, hostinger is honestly, one of the best options out there their lives support had almost, no, wait, the time when I tried it out and the staff was not only knowledgeable and patient. They’re also pretty fun. Which is, which is kind of weird and awesome. It’s at the same time, right? Because I hate it when customer service feels like I’m talking to a robot and this was the exact opposite. Plus their support team is trained on how to answer every single question without having to involve upper-tier support, which is another frustration that you keep getting the hand off to other people.

So they have incredibly fast problem solving and you won’t have to waste your time escalating a ticket up the food chain so you can solve your problem then and there and move on to work on things you want to do now


hostinger prices

Let’s talk about price and in a nutshell, hostinger is affordable. I mean hostinger, which has almost all of the same features as a premium web host, but at a fraction of the price, the premium hosting plan only costs $2.49 a month and their entry-level single plan is only $1.99 a month. And for a comparison, you might expect to pay a premium web hosting provider as much as $6.99 for a similar performance.

So I must say that hostinger provides incredible value, especially for folks just starting now. Those were all the things that I like about hostinger. But what about some of the Hang-Ups? Well,

honestly, there’s no free daily backup. This is, this is pretty standards and some of its competitors. So it just felt weird that it wasn’t free. It does come with their business. Shared hosting plan though, and you can add it onto your plan for less than a dollar a month, but it’s still an additional cost plus if you want to keep things. As low-cost they do have weekly backups for free for all of their accounts. But the lack of a free daily backup is the only kind for me. Okay?

So let’s say that you want to sign up for hosting, okay? I want to sign up for hosting. What did their plans look like? Well, they have a bunch of plans available and different tiers within those plans. They have shared hosting, which is when you share a server with Websites. This is perfect for most personal websites or businesses. Just starting because it’s the most economic option.

But as your website gains traction or higher volume traffic, you can scale up and start at VPS hosting, which provides your site with a virtual private server. This means faster loading times for larger businesses, though, you also have to do some work on the backend. Make sure that your server stays updated. So, if you’re looking for the enhanced capabilities of VPS, without the maintenance aspect, hostinger also offers options for cloud hosting, which is kind of the best of shared and VPS hosting combined. It provides that daily backup. I was talking about the SSL, dedicated IP, and 24/7 dedicated support all of these things will serve to make your site faster and more secure as well as easy to maintain.

So overall, it’s a great option for high-traffic sites. So taking all of this into account Is hostinger the right web host for you? Well, I think it’s one of the best options out there their user interface is easy to use their server response is. Time gets a gold star and they’re especially great for beginners. Thanks to their fantastic support team and they do this all while keeping their prices low, which is great.

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So whether you’re starting a blog or running a small business hostinger would be an excellent choice for you. But what do you guys think have used hostinger?

Do you love it or do you hate it? Or do you use another web host?

Well, let me know in the comment section below. And as always, if you found this helpful, please leave a comment below. As that always makes my day.

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