Google’s Helpful Content Update 2022

Google helpful content update, have you noticed that when you search some of the content that is ranked on Google? It’s just obviously written for search engines and when you read that content and provides little to no value, some of those pieces of the content contain, even tons of keywords, that don’t flow within the article. So, why do people write these kinds of content pieces? Well, it’s because they want more SEO traffic. But what’s the problem with that? It creates a terrible experience. As for users.

So what Google do they release the helpful content update in which their goal is to rank non-helpful content, not as high. They want to rank that non-helpful content lower and they want to rank The Helpful content, which is great and is not created for search engines higher. Now, here’s what Google has told us about the update. 

Focus On Writing Content For People

They first, said to focus on writing content for people and they give us feedback such as: 

After reading your content will someone leave given like, they’ve learned enough about the topic to help them achieve their goals? 

Will someone reading your content feel? Like they have had a satisfying experience

Does your content demonstrate firsthand expertise and depth of knowledge? (For example, expertise that comes from having used a product or service or visiting a place?)

Don’t Focus On Writing Content For Search Engines

Second, they said don’t focus on writing content for search engines. And here’s what they mean by that. 

“Is Content primarily to attract people, From search engines rather than made for humans?”

“Are you producing lots of content on different topics in hopes that some of it might perform well in search results?” 

“Are you mainly summarizing? What do others have to say without adding much value?” 

“Are you using extensive automation to produce content, on many topics?” 

So what does all this? That Google has told you to mean for you? 

Well, number one.

Google Wants You To Focus On a Specific Industry Or Niche

As Google stated they prefer that you don’t create lots of content on different topics. They want you to focus. Be the expert and know what you’re talking about that way, people get the most value. 

Make Sure Your Content Is Executable

Number two, make sure your content is executable if someone reads your content and they don’t have any specific takeaway and they don’t know what to do next. Your content is failing. What I like to do and here’s a quick solution for this. It

is at the end of my articles I summarize my learnings in a conclusion section and I label that section’s conclusion. And I Define my key takeaways so that way in case someone just wants to skim, they can just get the main points from the conclusion. 

Continually Update Your Content

Continually update your content things change over time don’t assume that if you write a piece of content it’ll keep getting traffic as things. Get stale your traffic will go down. It’s sad, but it’s reality.

Keep your content up-to-date fresh relevant. So it provides users with the most benefit when updating your content. It’s not about how much you change. It’s more about what you need to do to keep it amazing. And that could be very little or it could mean that you make a lot of changes. Try to update your content at least once a year. And if you’re confused on how how to make content more Maisie search for the main keywords, that your article ranks for on On Google or you wish to rank for on Google

and look at all the people that are ranking that aren’t on your website and see what they’re doing, that’s different than you are, that’ll give you ideas on how to make your content more amazing and ideally even better than theirs. 

Adding Your Secret Sauce

Adding your secret sauce. What do you know about the other Stone? What have you experienced? Do the others happen by adding in your secret sauce and your personal experiences? You are more like you get social shares backlinks and generate more traffic.

If you’re just regurgitating what is everyone else? Is already saying then there’s nothing unique. So in every content piece, try to add your personal experiences. That’s how you beat the helpful content update, you just go above and beyond and Delight users. 

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